The 2015 Charlie Calendar + Giveaway!

☆ October 30, 2014

2015 Charlie Calendara

2015 Charlie Calendars are here! I say this every year, but this one is my favorite yet. It’s been printed the old fashioned way, on a press, by my beloved, family-run, local print shop. The printing press creates images of such high quality, the calendar pages can be saved and framed individually if desired. It’s gorgeous. I’m so pleased with it!

CLICK HERE for more pictures and ordering info. If you prefer to order via snail mail with a check or money order, just zip me an email: orders AT dailycoyote DOT net

*  *  *
This strange year. I feel like I’ve been walking in the moonlight all year, and can only clearly see three feet in front of me. Everything else is dark. I’m learning to trust that once I take the steps I can see, the next steps will be illuminated. Little by little. Step by step. I’ve not written much here all year; instead, I’ve been fumbling around in the dark, getting bruised, and sitting in stillness, gazing at the moon. What about you? What’s the year been like for you? I’d love to hear, whether it’s three words or three paragraphs, whatever you would like to share in the comment section.

Next weekend, I’ll pick five comments at random and send off five deluxe Wyoming care packages (I love making these!) (please make sure your email address is correct when commenting – I’m the only one who sees it). Care packages will be full of Charlie love and Wyoming magic, and a calendar, of course.

Bucket Pup

☆ October 23, 2014

bucket pup


☆ October 21, 2014


….and winter is comin’ ~ all the spiders are moving inside….

Here & There & Everywhere

☆ October 6, 2014

Ahoy, Internet! It’s been a while. I’m glad I entertained and/or puzzled some of you with my shadow self portrait. (It was very simply done: just me, standing in the driveway with the sun behind me and Chloe sitting in my shadow. Phone pic, no manipulation, just a cool moment.
This is the hat.)


The Tetons, from the back portal of a plane.

My BFF is very sick in Seattle and I’ve spent 22 of the past 35 days out there. My time in airports has been practically nonexistent for the past ten years, and I’ve been surprised and delighted by the all-around wonderfulness of the people I’ve encountered in transit. A welcome contradiction to my memory – TSA agents (angelic! no sarcasm!) and fellow travelers enhanced and enlivened what would otherwise be rather doldrum days at best.


I also hit the Northwest at its best, weather-wise. When we were teenagers, my BFF described the Seattle climate as “living in a big gray dog’s asshole.” When you really let yourself think about it, she’s right. But September is the exception, made of mild sun filtering through pines and gentle breezes carrying the scent of kelp and just a little bit of rain here and there, offering the excuse for a wood fire.


I arrived home from my most recent trip on Friday, and after an epic love relay from the Farmily (who were doted on by Mike during my time away), I cleaned and sorted the week’s awesome egg bounty for the Farmer’s Market and harvested tomatoes from the garden, salvaging what I could from this strange season. While I was gone, Mike put the roof on the barn. It is gorgeous! We put up the corral yesterday, and Sir Baby is the first barn resident (after quality control from Daisy, of course). More on that soon, once I take pictures.


Today, I head into town to look at proofs for the 2015 Charlie Calendar! If all goes to plan, it will hit the press mid-month and be ready for you at the end of October. I know I say this every year, but this year’s calendar is my all-time favorite. I’ll post updates here, along the way…..

Hot day, big hat, good dog.

☆ September 21, 2014


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