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☆ August 16, 2016

little Sid

Little Sid, my sunny honey.


Book rec: Girl At War by Sara Nović.

Some books (arguably, the best books) pluck you out of your life and put you right into someone else’s experience, someone else’s place and time and life, and through it, you are able to feel and understand something you never had before. This is one of those books.

I started the audio version on my last day of driving home from California; I had reached Wyoming but still had hours ahead of me and my truck was acting up and I was tired and didn’t want to drive anymore but I really didn’t want to stop. I got a giant Coke for energy (with each sip, I felt tiny hand cranks steadily rolling up my eyelids and tiny syringes stabbing life-force into my heart, Pulp Fiction style; I rarely drink pop so it has this effect on me) and turned on this book and everything changed. I was transfixed. At one point, sobbing hysterically (it being Wyoming, I was the only person on the highway and could safely sob while driving). And I actually – impossibly! – felt a little bummed out when I reached home because I didn’t want to stop listening to this book.

I don’t want to share the plot (two hints: the Croatian genocide + really good technique of moving though time); I’m sure many a summary may be found online. Or just read the book!

Girl At War by Sara Nović.


And here’s a video of a coyote in San Francisco – playing with a toy just like Charlie!

A video posted by @rallyp_157 on

{ click here if the embed doesn’t work for you }

Thank You x 2

☆ July 26, 2016

little red reefer beauty shot

Thank you to everyone who shared and supported my Kickstarter…. this is what I got!
A Little Red Reefer!

little red reefer left side

All thanks to YOU.

little red reefer barn doors

Barn doors instead of a roll up door!
She is perfect.

little red reefer right side

And she needs a name……….

Thank you, also, to Taylor, Sharon, Brian, Heligal Anne, Flying Coyote, Kate, Jane, Dennis, Jan, Rue, Jessica, Lindsey, Meghan, Mary, Ellen, Susan, Abi, Kelley, Sophie, Kathleen, Broken Wagon Farm, Rocko & Daisy, Bree, Pat, Julie, Marya, Maureen, Joyce, Pam, Nicole, Karie, Torre, Katie, Corinne, Sheri, Laima, Lissa, Linda, CeeBee, Sally, Liza, Susan, Leslie, Sara, Melissa, Sandy, Maggie, Bud, Joy, Jay, The Fourteen Anonymoi, Blithe, Moonyean, Keli, Karl, Marian, FOSS, John, Elizabeth, Theresa, Kevin, Rowan, and Jacquelyn for donating to my fundraiser to Help Fight Hunger.

We’re a third of the way to my goal (which I am matching to $10K)! I’m going to let it run till the beginning of November, then take a truckload of beef to The Food Bank of the Rockies in time for the holidays. You can join us and donate HERE – just $5 makes an impact.

Quickie Farmily news ~ Tinkerbell might be pregnant! Can you believe it? She looks so good, so strong and healthy, you’d never guess her tragic calfhood by looking at her. You’d never know Sid was an orphan, either. He is downright fat and he and Roxy are joined at the hip. I want to make them a draft team. I’ve been wanting to train an ox for years – since Frisco was born – and I always run out of time, so we’ll see if they ever pull a cart together…. but I do have them both halter trained. They are the cutest little pair. When Frisco died, I didn’t know if I’d ever fall in love with another calf like I did with him, and with Roxy and Sid, I have, times two.

Snippets: Mid-Summer Edition

☆ July 12, 2016

How do you deal with authority?

subquestion a) if you don’t agree with it?

subquestion b) if it seems you have no choice? (ie, noncompliance results in personal harm)


Someone stole Kota’s tail. Can you even believe that? Stealing horse tails is an actual thing – for braided horsehair hat bands and headstalls. The thing that pisses me off is that I would have freely given a partial, considerate harvest of pieces of all my horses’ tails had the thief asked – but whoever did this stole all of Kota’s tail, which means Kota can’t swish away flies. And Kota used to be so friendly and fearless and whatever happened during the theft made him head shy. What is wrong with people?


I was in the center of a bovine love pile last night. I was lying against Fiona’s massive, warm shoulder and Roxy and Sid came over to smoosh on top of me. There’s no therapy like cow therapy.


Einstein, bringing it again and always:

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”


pixie and leila

Found in my files: Leila & Pixie, about an hour after Pixie’s birth, May 2016

Sid Has Two Mommies

☆ July 5, 2016

Little Sid, kitchen calf, lap calf, my sweet little orphan, was a bottle baby the first month of his life, which made me “Mama.” He followed me anywhere and everywhere. If he was still hungry after draining the bottle I’d brought out to the pasture, he’d follow me back to the house, up the stairs of the deck (clip-clopping across the deck on his tiny hooves), in the front door and all the way to the kitchen, where he’d wait at my feet as I prepared another bottle. (It was such a bad habit, but so cute I couldn’t bring myself to break him of it.)

And then Daisy calved. Instead of milking into a bottle for Sid, I led Sid to Daisy’s udder, using the empty bottle as a lure and sticking one of her teats in his mouth. He caught on within two days, though Daisy was a less willing participant (as is normal – cows don’t like random calves stealing the milk that is meant for their baby). But Daisy has more than enough milk for all of us, and I knew she’d accept Sid eventually, as she has adopted orphans in the past. Exhibit A: Frisco and TR, way (WAY!) past the age of needing milk, but don’t they all look so content?


So, I helped Sid dine with Daisy a few times a day – while she was haltered after I’d milked her, while she was distracted as I brushed her, and, at times, using Maia’s super-effective blindfold technique. Meanwhile, Sid and Roxy became best pals – siblings, really. They are side by side every moment of the day. Sid learned to eat when Roxy ate, keeping Roxy closest to Daisy’s head, so when Daisy turned to look or sniff, she’d find Roxy and mellow out. And then one day I caught Daisy licking Sid, and answering his moos, which means she’s decided to be his mama, too.

sid roxy daisy

Snippets ~ Early Summer Edition

☆ June 14, 2016


I am still really upset about the shootings this weekend, so the cute story I was going to post isn’t ready yet.

.  .  .

Here is a photo of Roxy. She is beautiful. And sweet and hilarious.

.  .  .

I am very close to sold out of Star Brand Beef! If you’ve been planning to order but haven’t yet, DO IT! If you’re looking for local Partners In Dine with whom to share/split an order, EMAIL ME and I’ll connect people who live in the same cities – this has worked wonderfully in the past and I’m happy to be a link.

And I’ve added a PNW route!
Bozeman & Missoula: Friday, August 27
Seattle & Bainbridge Island: Saturday, August 28
Olympia & Portland: Sunday, August 29

Everything else related to Star Brand Beef may be found HERE, or by emailing me.

.  .  .

I posted a video of Charlie being very serious about being funny. Or being very funny about being serious. You decide. You can see it HERE.

. . .

Please consider donating to my fundraiser to Help Fight Hunger – your donation will go far and be appreciated by many! Just five bucks makes a difference. In fact, if everyone who has viewed Charlie’s little video donated $5, we’d achieve our goal! You can donate HERE.

.  .  .

Love. And more love.

. . .

{{and even more}}

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