Eli Doesn’t Pose


Many have wondered why Eli, King Kitten, is not in the Farmily calendar. It’s because he doesn’t deign to be. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out and about with Eli and see him in exquisite light, or against a beautiful and unusual backdrop, and turn to get my camera, and by the time I turn back to Eli – sometimes a mere split-second later – he has vanished. EVERY TIME.

The only photos I have of Eli from the past two years are of him sleeping. Sleeping in a basket. Sleeping on a log. Sleeping next to Rue. Half-sleeping in my chair. And these sneaky sleeping snapshots are always done with my little pocket camera in poor light, and just aren’t good enough to enlarge for a calendar.


Speaking of… calendars are en route, flying to everyone who has ordered, as of Monday morning. I only have about 50 of each calendar left, so if you want one, order soon – it’s a limited edition press run this year, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. You’ve been warned!

Basket Of Mushy





Calendars Are Coming!


I got the proofs yesterday and they are AMAZING. Everything about the calendars is different this year – they’re bigger and better, and the paper and print quality is absolutely luscious. And I’m printing a Farmily calendar, too! Details and ordering info coming soon……

Happiness Is… Chickens With A Watermelon

chickens w watermelon

Thanks for all the telepathic and virtual hugs over the last weeks.
My heart is with those who shared their own losses. It’s the hardest thing.

chickens w watermelon

Chickens help.
Give chickens a watermelon, and they will give you smiles.

chickens w watermelon

The four black and whites were baby chicks this spring – they’ve grown up!
I’ve named them Imogen, Francesca, Diane, and Sally after four of my favorite B&W photographers.

chickens w watermelon

chickens w watermelon

chickens w watermelon

Snake, handsome devil, also enjoyed the watermelon.
You can see his foot is much improved.

snake w watermelon

All gobbled up.

snake w watermelon

Bathing Beauty

T.R. cooling his heels on a hot day.

You can barely see Sir Baby lying behind a sagebrush
on the right above the pond.

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