Calendars Are Coming!


I got the proofs yesterday and they are AMAZING. Everything about the calendars is different this year – they’re bigger and better, and the paper and print quality is absolutely luscious. And I’m printing a Farmily calendar, too! Details and ordering info coming soon……

Happiness Is… Chickens With A Watermelon

chickens w watermelon

Thanks for all the telepathic and virtual hugs over the last weeks.
My heart is with those who shared their own losses. It’s the hardest thing.

chickens w watermelon

Chickens help.
Give chickens a watermelon, and they will give you smiles.

chickens w watermelon

The four black and whites were baby chicks this spring – they’ve grown up!
I’ve named them Imogen, Francesca, Diane, and Sally after four of my favorite B&W photographers.

chickens w watermelon

chickens w watermelon

chickens w watermelon

Snake, handsome devil, also enjoyed the watermelon.
You can see his foot is much improved.

snake w watermelon

All gobbled up.

snake w watermelon

Bathing Beauty

T.R. cooling his heels on a hot day.

You can barely see Sir Baby lying behind a sagebrush
on the right above the pond.



She’s named Mushy for a reason….

Chicken Butt


These are three of the baby chickies, who have been growing very quickly.
And are now exploring far and wide.

Yesterday, they ate out of my hand. So did Snake.
I’m officially a chicken convert.

THANK YOU to all you other chicken-lovers who left info and suggestions in the comments of Snake’s post – much appreciated, there is so much to learn!

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