Interesting turn of events: the Rooster Pouf must have telepathically received all the suggestions of “chicken soup” in response to my recent post about him, because he has been polite to me ever since. Really truly.

I spent my midday break-in-the-sun brushing and cutting frozen diarrhea blobs from an ailing horse’s tail. It was simultaneously disgusting and rewarding. Sunshine, who is nearly 30 and is having digestive issues, appeared to be in a state of bliss during the 40-minute procedure and I must have lightened his tail by ten pounds {icky face!}. His condition has vastly improved over the past two weeks, and he is in great spirits, so I, of course, have hope. He’s living in the front yard and wears a thick bed comforter under his horse blanket for extra warmth and looks like Merlin in horse-form. The other horses hang out on the other side of the yard fence, so he’s never lonely. His tail is now slightly shorter, but clean, and my hands still smell gross.

I have finished all my tax prep. You know I love doing it. Done!

I’ve also been watching Making A Murderer. I’m up to episode 9, just a few minutes in, and I’m stuck there – watching Brendan in court (and, previously, with police and investigators and LEN) feels like watching state-sanctioned child abuse and I just can’t deal. My cortisol is through the roof.

Mellowing out with an old pic of a cool cloud……


A Horse In The Snow


Is there anything more wonderful than a horse in the snow?



It’s not 2015 anymore!

THAT is more wonderful!!

Here’s Kota, demonstrating my feelings about 2015:





{{insert lalochezia}}

Happy new year, all y’all. I’m excited. I feel inspired and enlivened, two of my favorite feelings. Both of which have felt out of reach, hanging out on the horizon, for far too long. I’m planning to share more long-form writing here each month, plus a video blog, plus smatterings between. Plus organizing this brain chaos into another book. Plus a few *BIG NEW* projects, which shall debut soon.

Thank you all so, so much for sticking with me these last two tumbling, heart-wrenching years. It’s been rough, and I’m excited to turn some of these life-whammos into creation.

It’s been a while.

What are your plans, as of now, for 2016?

Horse Love, Summer Love


Out on the range on Ranger




Tortured tush.

Et tu?

Light ‘n’ Bright

light 'n' bright

this photo is so much nicer to look at larger;
click the image to zip to flickr, then click it in flickr to make it bigger.

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