Last Call!

The ordering window for The Daily Coyote: Ten Years will close FOREVER as soon as the book goes to press, which could be as early as next Monday!

Those who ordered the book earlier this spring and summer got a survey, in which they got to choose the book cover from three options (which can be seen here). It was tied between howl and flowers for a while, but flowers pulled ahead…

I was working on the final version of the cover and thought…. oh… what am I going to do for the *back* cover? And then I figured out what to do and the back cover is amazing. I love it so much. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT SO MUCH!

If you would like to have this book, please place your order ASAP, which you can do HERE. There will not be any other chance to get this book once the ordering window closes. This is it!

In other news, the Sandhill cranes said goodbye on Sunday. They pranced and sang beside our pond, then I watched them fly away. Whoever gets them next, you are lucky.

Charlie is digging out his man cave again. He doesn’t use it in spring or summer, but the weather has turned and fall is in the air.

My beehive is my church.

Deadline Cometh

I am in book euphoria delirium.
I hike daily at dawn, then spend the next 16 hours working on the book.
Nothing unimportant exists in my life right now –
I just don’t have time for it.
I only have time for:
book animals dawn dreams coffee.
When I begin to feel deflated (which happens), a note full of sweet enthusiasm
comes in from one of you and I am buoyant again.

THE BOOK (as it sprawls on my computer screen) is GORGEOUS!!!

The ordering window will close when printing begins in September
BUT – to get printed credit in the book, you must order before September 1!
That’s this week, so they tell me.

Wild Life

Yesterday, I saw:
a young fox
a vulture
an eagle
four doves
a large toad
a mule deer doe with two spotted fawns
three antelope – two does and a buck, and the buck raced a wide semicircle around us, going so fast, yet obviously not even exerting himself, it was thrilling to see.

It was all thrilling to see, especially considering that, these days, I am spending so much of my time on the computer working on THE BOOK. I haven’t seen a sunset or a shower in…. a while.

Speaking of the book! If you’ve ordered The Daily Coyote: Ten Years In Photographs, you will be receiving a VERY important email from me today. Please keep your eye out, and if you don’t see it, please check your spam/junk folder. And thank you!!!

(And if you haven’t ordered it, you can by clicking HERE!)

We’re Not In Kansas!

Tornadoes showed up all over Wyoming yesterday. WRONG STATE, tornadoes. We signed up for negative 30 degree winters, 108 degree summers, 50 mph wind, annual wildfires, flash floods, rain so fierce it feels like you’re getting slapped in the face, scorpions and snakes, a dearth of trees, mud that swallows trucks whole, BUT NOT TORNADOES.

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The highlight of my day was getting this gorgeous photo of Charlie watching the madness after I’d lured him inside with an artisan venison jerky rib treat and locked him in. He prefers to watch storms outside, out in the open where he can see everything. Sorry, Charlie. Not happening when possible tornadoes are part of the equation. He scratched at the window for about five minutes, then curled up angelically on his mattress for the next several hours.

The wind downshifted around dusk, and I went out with Charlie and Chloe and gathered up all the fallen cottonwood branches and offered them to Daisy. She loves to eat the leaves.

To Bee!


The Farmily grew by ten thousand members this weekend. I became a bee guardian, initiate bee priestess.

Mike and I built a top bar hive, and I introduced the bees to their new home on Sunday. It was intense. It was a totally psychedelic experience. I laughed out loud, I cried, I felt the truth of the universe. I watched a bee dance, I watched a bee die. I got sick of wearing gloves so I took them off, and a bee landed on my hand, and bathed herself. Bees wash their faces like cats, with their front feet and tongue, did you know that? I did not know that, until I watched it happen on my forefinger, inches from my face.

They say not to open the hive for three days, to give the bees time to settle in without disruption. It has been so hard not to open the top and peek in! I resist, and I sit by the entrance and watch the bees fly in and out. They are carrying pollen in, which apparently means the queen is alive and all is well. I listen to the walls of the hive with my stethoscope and it is BUZZING in there. Another good sign. Tomorrow afternoon, I shall peek in.

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