Nova, Nori, & Flurina

☆ April 5, 2016


We have more babies!
I’m using your names now!
Here are some terrible photos of their rollicking frolicking…..


(one of them has a white patch, smaller than Ixchel’s but in the same place, so Nova works for her as the name was intended… yay)


☆ April 1, 2016


At the end of a big project, I am a mess, my house is a mess, I am sleep deprived, my animals are slightly neglected. And I have to remind myself it’s temporary. Soon the project will be done, and I will sleep and I will vacuum and I will cuddle all the animals, great and small, with nothing else on my mind.


☆ March 29, 2016


The baby is named. And after pouring over your amazing suggestions, and LOVING your amazing suggestions, and reading your amazing suggestions out loud while sitting with the baby calf, I named her a name of my own. Ixchel.

Ixchel is probably my favorite name ever. It’s Mayan, pronounced e-SHELL. In Mayan culture, Ixchel is the goddess of midwifery and associated with the moon, which seems appropriate given the circumstances of her birth (she made it SO easy for Fiona, who has had trouble and loss in the past) and the moon patch on her belly.

If you look closely, you can see her white spot here:

This baby is so relaxed! 💕 Zonked out in the sun after a romp and a meal. If you look closely you can see her little white patch. Daisy is Queen Matriarch, as always 👑 #cowsofinstagram #wyoming #dairycow #dairycows

A photo posted by Shreve Stockton (@dailycoyote) on

If the embed doesn’t work for you, you can see the photo here.

Welcome to the world, Ixchel!

Fav Artist Friday: Hector Frank

☆ March 25, 2016

A photo posted by BRYANT TOTH FINE ART (@bryants_cuba) on

If the embed doesn’t work for you, you can see the image here.

A video posted by BRYANT TOTH FINE ART (@bryants_cuba) on

Click the image to play the video.
If the embed doesn’t work for you, you can see the video here.


In other news… names! Oh my goodness, names. I have compiled a short-list and will be reading them to the calf and Fiona and we shall decide this weekend.

Why haven’t I named the calf already? Your name suggestions were too good to make the decision easy and this week was bonkers busy – in less than a fortnight, I will be launching a Kickstarter! I am SO EXCITED. More on that soon – stay tuned…….

Fifi + ??? [name our baby!]

☆ March 21, 2016

I knew Fiona was going to calve on Wednesday morning. Rather, on Wednesday morning, I knew Fiona was going to calve that day. Not because I’m psychic but because she was showing all the signs – wandering off by herself, licking her sides. I brushed her whole body for a very long time, to relax her. Throughout the day, I’d go outside, walk around till I found where she was hiding, see if anything was happening, and then force myself to go back inside to work, even though I wanted to sit outside and watch her. The early stages can take hours.

When I checked on her at 2PM, she was swishing her tail in a particular way that is hard to describe but is part of cow labor. I decided to check on her more often. When I checked on her at 2:30, using binoculars from the deck, I saw she had hooves sticking out of her. I went down to the little valley meadow where she was and checked the direction of the hooves – if the front of the hoof is facing up, all is well. If the bottom part of the hoof is facing up, the calf is turned or breech. Thankfully, all was well. I didn’t want to disturb Fiona, so I sat down at the edge of the valley clearing. Even with emerging hooves, the actual delivery can still be a while off – cows might walk around with hooves sticking out of them for an hour. As soon as I sat down, Fiona came over and lay down right next to me. Like, right next to me – when she stretched out, her back hoof rested against my foot. She lay still for a moment, then sighed, then pushed, and delivered her baby.

You know a cow trusts you when she’ll have her baby right in your lap.

I’ve talked before about the “mama moo.” I had my phone with me and got video of this – the calf wobbling her way up to standing, Fiona hovering and licking and mama-mooing.

A video posted by Shreve Stockton (@dailycoyote) on

If the embed doesn’t work for you, the video is here.

Once the calf got her footing, she was prancing in circles around Fiona, with Fiona turning in tight circles herself trying to follow her to continue licking her off. The calf found Fifi’s udder, had her first meal, and was bouncing and bucking before she was an hour old! This calf is so freakin’ cute. Her face is fuzzier than any calf I’ve ever seen. She is solid black with a small white patch in the center of her belly. And we need a name! Please leave your name suggestions in the comments – I can only call this baby “Baby” for so long before Baby gets his feelings hurt.

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