Notepads Are Back!

☆ December 1, 2014


By very popular demand, the notepads are back! And this year, they’re better than ever, with double covers: instead of a blank white back cover, there are two gorgeous prints of Charlie acting as front and back covers for each notepad.

For the last two years, I’ve had my local family-owned print shop print Charlie’s calendars on their printing press. These are stacks of prints waiting to be cut down and bound into calendars:

printing calendars

They always make extra prints as they’re perfecting the ink levels, so that any imperfect prints may be culled. Last year, I was at my printer’s after I’d picked up the calendars and saw the stack of loose calendar prints. Many of them were absolutely perfect – they were just extras, with not enough partners to make a full calendar – and it felt a shame to have them thrown away. I pulled out all the beautiful prints and asked my printer to turn them into notepads. They were a huge hit, and we’ve done it again this year.


Since they’re made from extra calendar pages, the back of each cover does have a calendar grid printed on it, but who cares when the front is so beautiful? They’re great toss-around doodle pads, perfect for kids, and I keep one by my bed for midnight thoughts. Awesome stocking stuffers, just $6 each ~ find ‘em in the Shop.

Ahoy From The Arctic

☆ November 25, 2014


So, it got cold. Negative 26ºF, to be precise. One nice thing about that kind of cold is the perma-endorphin high I get. And three degrees (which is still well below freezing) feels downright balmy. It didn’t get above freezing for ten days, not even for an hour. All the local sparrows and wild cottontails moved into the chicken house – which is just as cute as you might imagine it to be.

Friday, it finally rose above freezing. Outside, there was the sound of dripping, and I had a glorious snowhike with the pups, in a tank top. I also wore wool pants and muck boots, yes, but my arms were bare. Huzzah, Vitamin D! Now it’s snowing again. But that’s OK; to snow, it has to be warm (it’s relative, now).

Random Numbers

☆ November 10, 2014

I just returned from another quick trip to the Northwest; I drove this time and got home hours before Winter hit in full force – we have serious snow outside right now!

The morning I left Poulsbo, WA, I woke at 4:30 am, jumped in my truck while still in my PJs, and caught a very early ferry to Seattle in order to get the 10 hour drive to Bozeman, MT done in mostly daylight. I used the ferry ride to get dressed and have coffee, then wandered the boat taking phone pics of random numbers I saw. The Giveaway recipients!


This particular boat had the capacity to ferry 188 autos, according to a little chart on a bulletin board by the First Mate’s office.


The walls of the ferry showcase vintage photographs and prints from local artists. This gorgeous print was signed by the artist in ‘91.



The Seahawks obsession is still in full force after their win at Superbowl 48. Flags, posters, even football-shaped cookies frosted in blue and green are EVERYWHERE.


In case of ferry fire, station 31.


The delivery van parked beside me, with the Seattle area code 206 stickered on the door.

So there we have it: 31, 48, 91, 188, 206! I’ll be emailing you directly.

THANK YOU to everyone who shared a bit of themselves for the Giveaway. I have loved reading all your words, which, together, created a truly awesome mandala of life and experience and heart. So beautiful and real. Thank you.

Wild Sunrise

☆ November 6, 2014

wild sunrise

The 2015 Charlie Calendar + Giveaway!

☆ October 30, 2014

2015 Charlie Calendar

2015 Charlie Calendars are here! I say this every year, but this one is my favorite yet. It’s been printed the old fashioned way, on a press, by my beloved, family-run, local print shop. The printing press creates images of such high quality, the calendar pages can be saved and framed individually if desired. It’s gorgeous. I’m so pleased with it!

CLICK HERE for more pictures and ordering info. If you prefer to order via snail mail with a check or money order, just zip me an email: orders AT dailycoyote DOT net

*  *  *
This strange year. I feel like I’ve been walking in the moonlight all year, and can only clearly see three feet in front of me. Everything else is dark. I’m learning to trust that once I take the steps I can see, the next steps will be illuminated. Little by little. Step by step. I’ve not written much here all year; instead, I’ve been fumbling around in the dark, getting bruised, and sitting in stillness, gazing at the moon. What about you? What’s the year been like for you? I’d love to hear, whether it’s three words or three paragraphs, whatever you would like to share in the comment section.

Next weekend, I’ll pick five comments at random and send off five deluxe Wyoming care packages (I love making these!) (please make sure your email address is correct when commenting – I’m the only one who sees it). Care packages will be full of Charlie love and Wyoming magic, and a calendar, of course.

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