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☆ April 19, 2016

Star Brand Beef

Last night, I set up the blog page on my Star Brand Beef website and copied over some relevant posts regarding my philosophy behind Star Brand Beef.

I enjoyed re-reading these posts, some dating back to 2012, and thought you might, too. This one is my favorite – and even though it’s four years old, I vividly remember writing it, and it still holds true.

Happy Happy {+ birthday wishes!}

☆ April 12, 2016

Charlie and I have our birthdays this week. Charlie is 9! Nine years old. Nine years we’ve spent together. And every single day of those nine years he’s made me laugh. When he arrived on my doorstep, I didn’t think we’d have nine months together. And nine years later, it still feels so magical to have him as my co-pilot. He’s getting steak for dinner this week.

Speaking of steak…. my Star Brand Beef kickstarter launched last week and has gone bonkers. Bonkers, thanks you YOU! As of right now, it’s funding at 150%: over $15,000. I bow in gratitude. I’ve been fluctuating between feelings of emotionally-charged awe and excitement. During the swings of excitement, I’ve been pondering reefer alternatives. Depending on how the kickstarter continues to grow, perhaps there’s a plan superior to my original reefer trailer goal. Like:

1) A solar powered reefer. Exceedingly awesome idea. I’ve just started researching feasibility.

2) Buy a used ambulance to retrofit as a reefer. Perfect size, easy to drive, and with a truck (versus a trailer), I can hire people to help me drive and expand my delivery routes.

3) Get one of those giant bus-style RVs, turn the back half into a large walk-in freezer, and have a living area up front so I can bring Chloe and the cats with me on my delivery trips!

Having ideas is one of my favorite pastimes.

My current idea is a bit more boring, yet a bit more rational, than the ambulance and RV ideas. I have a lot of phone calls to make this week and hope to have an official “stretch goal” to share next week… you think we can reach $20K?? I’ll take bets in the comment section.

In the meantime, I have a birthday wish. It’s a big one. Will you, might you, tell two or three people about my Kickstarter? Perhaps send it to your cousin in an email? Or post it on facebook? Or ask to borrow a stranger’s phone at Starbucks and pull up my kickstarter video and tell them to watch it?

{{Someone out there is going to end up on a date because of this request of mine, I can feel it! I’m serious!}}

Thank you, thank you. Thank you for your support and thank you for spreading the word. All of this is happening because of all of us – the kickstarter, the local ripple effects of Star Brand Beef, the changes within the industry and the movement against feedlots and factory farms. There is so much further to go… but it feels good to be among the trailblazers.

My Star Brand Beef Kickstarter!

☆ April 6, 2016


I lauched a Kickstarter! Click HERE to check it out!

What is a Kickstarter? Some use it for fundraising, some use it for pre-orders. I am using it for both! My goal is to get a reefer trailer for Star Brand Beef deliveries. I am offering some great rewards – special edition products I have never had in my shop before and will likely not have again. The Kickstarter lasts for one month. Then, poof!

I put my heart and soul into this. I really hope you enjoy the video and will help me spread the word. I don’t consider this Kickstarter to be just about me and Star Brand Beef – I hope it will help spread the message and mission of humanely-raised meat and continue to “kickstart” that conversation. Har har. I launched the Kickstarter yesterday to the Star Brand Beef mailing list, and we’ve already met my goal! And we made it to the “What’s Popular” food page on the Kickstarter site! This is really thrilling. Anything and everything the Kickstarter brings, above and beyond the goal amount, will go straight into improving and expanding Star Brand Beef.

I apologize in advance for the Kickstarter pimping I’ll be doing for the next month – as I said, I put my heart and soul into this and I want to see it fly. If you’re not on the Star Brand Beef delivery route, or if you don’t eat meat but want to help change the status quo of the industry, please consider checking out my Kickstarter, backing it if you see something you like, and sharing the link. I’m hoping the the Kickstarter will be a catalyst for discussion and contribute to the expanding awareness of the conventional meat industry, of feedlots, of the treatment of the animals that produce and become our food, and how all of that needs to change. I want people – consumers and ranchers alike – to see that there are other options, really great options that support the autonomy of ranchers and the welfare of animals and the environment.

And just in case I haven’t offered enough links, click HERE to visit my Kickstarter!

If you’re interested in ordering Star Brand Beef and missed the email blast yesterday, here’s the latest and greatest:

The 2016 delivery routes are posted HERE. Chicago, I’m coming back! Phoenix, I’m coming back! California, I’ll always love you! With a successful Kickstarter, I hope to be able to do SO MUCH MORE in coming years, including more routes and smaller FedEx orders.

This winter, I spent a few weeks apprenticing with my butcher. What an education. I learned so much! I’ve made some changes to the standard mini and quarter order cut lists based on my new knowledge. You can see the cut lists for mini and quarter orders HERE. As always, half and whole beef orders may be fully customized by the customer, and I am happy to answer any questions or give suggestions if needed/desired.

★ 2016 ORDERING ★
My early bird beef specials on the Kickstarter sold out almost instantaneously – but my exceptional, humanely-raised beef and lamb is still available through my Star Brand Beef website and Shop. If you gather a few “partners in dine” and split a whole or half together, you will get the same discounted pricing as the early bird specials!

Pricing on smaller orders went up this year. It had to happen; I’ve been staving it off as long as I could. I really like the pricing situation I came up with: larger orders come with larger savings. You can still get my original, heavily discounted pricing when ordering a whole beef, and darn close to it when ordering a half.

If you are on a budget: Gather everyone you know and go in on a whole or half together!  It’s so do-able. Cooperation is my new obsession and motto – it makes the impossible possible! I am happy to cut whole beef orders the same way I cut minis to make it super easy to split up amongst a big group once you get it. Eight people at $690 each = the same amount of beef as a mini, per person, at a huge discount. With a half beef, you only need three other people.

Due to popular request, all MINI orders will be Star Brand Beef until I sell out. At that point I will offer my neighbor’s beef. I will make this transition very clear. And lamb is back for the second year! And it is already almost sold out…. so, please act quickly if you’d like lamb.

Thank you all, so much – none of this would be possible without your support and enthusiasm and encouragement and your trust in me.




Nova, Nori, & Flurina

☆ April 5, 2016


We have more babies!
I’m using your names now!
Here are some terrible photos of their rollicking frolicking…..


(one of them has a white patch, smaller than Ixchel’s but in the same place, so Nova works for her as the name was intended… yay)


☆ April 1, 2016


At the end of a big project, I am a mess, my house is a mess, I am sleep deprived, my animals are slightly neglected. And I have to remind myself it’s temporary. Soon the project will be done, and I will sleep and I will vacuum and I will cuddle all the animals, great and small, with nothing else on my mind.

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