Nothing Beyond Need

I love this self portrait from artist Hazel Dooney. I love how everything in the photo matters – everything is there for a reason, for utility, to contribute. Juxtaposed against the ridiculous societal race to have more – big cars and bigger houses (subject to pinterest-shaming if the decor is not coordinated and curated) – this image is a respite. A reality check. It flies in the face of all that greed and perceived need and feels so much richer for it. Because none of that “stuff” matters when you have work to do. And by work, I mean manifesting your passion, whatever that is.

At the same time, juxtaposed against the poverty of billions, this image demonstrates such luxury to me. A safe place to be and to sleep. A mattress and clean sheets, excellent shelving and a trash can. A space to work. How extraordinarily valuable: the opportunity to manifest your passion, whatever that is.

I’ve been feeling a little stuck, blog-wise. I’ve been second-guessing myself into nothingness. So, I’m going to post every weekday for the next month – that means unpolished snippets, random thoughts. More discipline, less self-editing. See you tomorrow!

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