To The North

to the north

~ from my camp this summer, looking north ~

Gypsy Grande!


The man on whose property this old bus sits said to me, “You haul it off my land, it’s yours.”


When I was revamping my gypsy trailer, I though how awesome it would be to have, instead of a house, a conglomeration of trailers, each one a “room.”  The kitchen/dining trailer.  The livingroom trailer.  The boudoir trailer.  All joined with little pathways.  The bathhouse trailer would be a sheep wagon, the interior all whites and dovey blue-grays with a tiny woodstove and a huge clawfoot tub.

This schoolbus I see transformed with lots of heavy, dark, burnished wood and a huge leather sofa, a nice place to stretch out with a good man and a good movie on these October nights.

Can you get over that DOOR????!?

Like An Acid Trip Without The Acid


~ plain text version is HERE ~

Basket Case


It took me all summer to get this photo of Eli sleeping in a basket.  I had the empty basket on the shelf in my camper as a kitty spot ~ the girls love baskets.  But one day, I happened upon Eli sleeping in the basket!  I quietly reached for my little pocket camera to snap a pic, but when I turned it on, the noise woke Eli and he glared at me and leapt out of the basket and swaggered away.  This happened numerous times over the course of the summer.  He kept returning to the basket to nap, but was adamant in his refusal to have this adorable habit documented.  It became a mission of mine to get a photo.  And I finally did.  Just don’t tell him so!


Summer Sun Sets


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