Big Love


Frisco is now taller than a horse,
his horns are now thicker than my forearm at the base,
but he still has such a baby face.

And, like a baby,
he likes to rub his face in his food before eating it.
That’s hay all over his forehead.


Wyoming Tough

frisco in the snow

Just an April (snow) shower.

Don’t pity Frisco ~
I slept with my door open the night of this snow dump.
We’re tough out here.

frisco in the snow

Hugs From Cows


from left to right: a friend’s holstein heifer who’s living with us for a while /
Oreo’s sister / another heifer / Sir Baby / Fiona / Frisco


As I’ve mentioned before, Fiona and Oreo’s sister are BFFs.


This is how they hug.


And they’re both pregnant! They’ll calve in March ~ I’m so excited to see their babies. Will Oreo’s sister’s calf have a white face? What color do you think Fifi’s calf will be? She got it on with a black angus bull. I have high hopes that Fiona will have an udder like Daisy’s and I’ll be able to milk her, too.



Frisco & Sir Baby

My Giant

my giant

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