A Book & A Birthday!

☆ April 11, 2017

{ t u r n   u p   y o u r   v o l u m e }
.   .   .
Way more where that came from OVER HERE!


☆ April 4, 2017


Valley Girl

☆ March 28, 2017

valley girl

Snippets: Seeing Double Edition

☆ March 21, 2017

seeing double

These are twins. They are identical except one has a black dot over her left eye and one has a black dot over her right eye. CUTENESS.

.  .  .

Do you think eagles ever get lonely?

.  .  .

I made yogurt from a gallon of cream. I’m going to do it again.

.  .  .

Little Bear, my bottle baby calf, now has a real cow mama! A beautiful cow had a stillborn calf yesterday, which is terribly sad and unfortunate, but we brought her home and, long story short, I sat in the barn playing cupid with cows and it’s a love match!

.  .  .

I have so many calving stories to share and no time to type them…BECAUSE…..

I’m hard at work (and by that I mean wild-haired and obsessed)

It involves Charlie.

Details soon.
(really soon!!)

Misty Morning: March

☆ March 14, 2017

misty morning, march

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