Snippets: Seeing Double Edition

☆ March 21, 2017

seeing double

These are twins. They are identical except one has a black dot over her left eye and one has a black dot over her right eye. CUTENESS.

.  .  .

Do you think eagles ever get lonely?

.  .  .

I made yogurt from a gallon of cream. I’m going to do it again.

.  .  .

Little Bear, my bottle baby calf, now has a real cow mama! A beautiful cow had a stillborn calf yesterday, which is terribly sad and unfortunate, but we brought her home and, long story short, I sat in the barn playing cupid with cows and it’s a love match!

.  .  .

I have so many calving stories to share and no time to type them…BECAUSE…..

I’m hard at work (and by that I mean wild-haired and obsessed)

It involves Charlie.

Details soon.
(really soon!!)

Misty Morning: March

☆ March 14, 2017

misty morning, march

In Like A Lion

☆ March 7, 2017

I was going to write a blog post but I read instead.

I just started A Man Called Ove.

Any great recs for the next?

Are you on the Weekly Coyote list? It’s F R E E!

all the way


Snippets: Nearly Spring Edition

☆ February 21, 2017

morning moon

The moon the other morning….


All the snow melted last week. It went from knee-deep snow to ankle-deep mud in three days. I got legit depressed, like the way you feel when a visiting friend leaves and you know you won’t see each other again for nearly a year. Not that we won’t get more snow – we surely will – but deep winter is officially over, and I really, really love deep winter, loved it even more than usual this year. Dusk at 4pm and candles lit by 6pm; the quiet (unlike all other forms of quiet) of walking in the snow while it’s snowing; chopping ice from the water tanks with the big ax; the glitter, everywhere, on sunny days…..

Spring sure knows how to flirt, though. When it comes to seasons, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. The last few days, I’ve woke to birds singing, and yesterday a friend and I lounged in the sunshine while brainstorming a new project. I cannot say these things are not delectable.


Ivan update: he is the only cat I’ve known who runs TOWARD the vacuum and tries to play with it.


From the department of long time coming, I have created a Charlie Fan Art page, an ever-expanding showcase of *your* pictures of Charlie. I put the first batch of art up this weekend. Check it out HERE! And send me your work!


Miss Piggy

☆ February 14, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, while driving home, I saw a 500-pound pig walking down the road. I pulled over, how could I not? I wanted to meet this giant pig. She was facing away from me as I approached her, rooting in the ditch. As I got closer, about ten feet away, she turned around. Her eyes were tiny squints – it looked like they were closed – and she opened her mouth and started snorting at me.

I don’t have any pig experience – I don’t know their body language or their noises – but this didn’t seem like an aggressive series of snorts. It was more like the intense chatter of someone who hasn’t had anyone to talk to in a while. She began walking towards me, and as she crossed the lane, I said a little a prayer: “I hope this is a friendly pig!” She was three times my size, and I did not want to get steamrolled by a pig.

She got closer, and I reached out my hand, and she snorted her way under my tentative fingers. I stroked her head. Her hair was sparse and so long and coarse! It was like petting a door mat, the kind designed to get mud off your boots. She wiggled closer and I rubbed her shoulders. Her back was as wide and flat as a coffee table. Her tail was a curlicue and she shook it – rather, wagged it like a dog – when I rubbed her back. I contemplated sitting on her and I contemplated pignapping her but did neither.

I stood in the muddy road and pet her for as long as she let me. I marveled at her strange pink body. I told her she was beautiful and she snorted “I know” and then wandered off, rooting for food.

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